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Maine has an amazing connection to both the sea and the land. The places we work have presented us with a number of unique problems and questions—we have found everything from the challenges of big city urbanism to the puzzles of preserving rural culture in cities and towns across the state. How do we build new in a place that is mostly old and historic? How do we preserve character while minimizing onerous regulations? How do we allow rural businesses to thrive again, legally?

We have been excited to work with Maine communities because each one is different and each one requires very local solutions that can be executed by the people who live and work in these communities. From our Portland office, we collaborate with a variety of local partners, such as the Maine Design Workshop, to further connect our projects to the local context.

With such variety in the built and natural landscape, each project in Maine has allowed us to further refine our understanding of what it means to be an authentic place.   


Maine | Dirigio: I lead.

Project | Build Maine

Build Maine is an annual conference that brings together everyone involved in shaping Maine cities and towns to share best practices and aspirations for moving the state forward within the political and economic climates of today. This inter-disciplinary forum has changed the way people think and make decisions, resulting in exciting new, locally-driven initiatives across the state.


Project | Higgins Beach
Form-Based Code

Higgins Beach, a turn-of-the-century planned beach community, was hit with conventional zoning in the 60's, throwing all the existing homes into
non-conformity. Since that time, anyone seeking to renovate a home has been required to comply with uncharacteristic setbacks as well as onerous environmental regulations.


Project | Comprehensive
Plan & Form-Based Code in Newcastle

Maine Design Workshop and Principle worked together to support a creative engagement campaign & draft a new, town-wide form-based code that respects local character, will promote commercial and residential growth, and allow business throughout all parts of the community.


Project | Destination 2040: PACTS
Guiding Plan

Lead by the Portland Area Transportation System (PACTS) and Principle, Destination 2040 sets a new policy direction for eighteen communities, seven public transportation providers, as well as public and private transportation organizations, and citizens alike.