Vanessa L Farr, CNU

Planner, Portland Office
Principal, Maine Design Workshop

Portland, ME


Vanessa L. Farr is the Principal of Maine Design Workshop and brings to Principle's team 20 years of experience as a practicing planner, with 16 years leading town planning departments in small historic coastal towns in both Massachusetts and Maine. Farr has a breadth of municipal experience including administration, site design consultation, facilitation of citizen planning processes, main street redevelopment, form-based coding, development review, and public infrastructure initiatives to further local community development goals. With Ms. Farr’s leadership, the Town of Yarmouth, Maine adopted one of Maine’s first Form-based codes, merging development regulations with architectural standards and street thoroughfare standards. In addition to her specialized work in sprawl repair, Ms. Farr is an expert in analyzing Main Streets and developing action-oriented master plans that allow for new investments in public and private infrastructure while respecting local historic character. Ms. Farr is a Co-Founder and Chair of Build Maine, and was the recipient of the 2014 Maine Association of Planners Professional Planner of the Year award. Ms. Farr is an accredited member of the Congress for the New Urbanism.