Valor Apartments
Mission Hill, Boston

Client Challenge | The land at 1467 Tremont had been vacant for more than 50 years. There were several factors that made this particular piece of property difficult to develop. The zoning constraints for setbacks and parking requirements on the property all but made it infeasible to build on the land. The land area was also an unusual size for convention mixed-use development requiring the design of the building to be much more compact that other similar structures.

Team Approach | Our approach to the project was to overcome the zoning hurdles by creating a design that is contextual but has a unique architectural focal point at this important intersection along Tremont Street. The building’s style is inspired by the art deco and neoclassical proportion of the Tobin Community Center and various other buildings found throughout the neighborhood. This focus on creating a quality design allowed for the team to successfully receive a zoning board of appeals decision to change the property’s setbacks and reduce the required parking.

Project Impact | The project will fill in what was once a derelict and vacant piece of land and will create a beautiful building to frame the adjacent civic structure. The project will also provide much needed smaller and affordable apartment homes in the neighborhood.

1467 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

New Urban Partners

2011 to 2017

Choo & Company
Shadrawy & Rabinovitz
Potomac Capital Advisors

Real Estate Development
Urban Design
Building Design
Branding & Graphic Design

Under Construction

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