The Next Generation of Form-Based Codes

PlaceCode is a new approach to creating land use and development codes. It's an open-source, character-based template code that emerged out of a need for more consistent and user-friendly land use regulations in New England, and throughout the country.

A library of elements in the PlaceCode brings clarity to zoning regulations for homeowners and real estate professionals alike, and makes administering the code straightforward. The end result is a set of land use rules that clearly reflect the desires of a community and leads to better projects.

After a decade of research, Principle and a core team of collaborators will be launching the library of code elements online so that anyone can build a code, add code elements to the library, and ideally, change zoning to build better places.

"Zoning shouldn't stop us from creating great, authentic places." Russell Preston at TedxPiscataquaRiver

Can't wait for PlaceCode?
Become a Beta-Tester!

We're looking for industry professionals to help us refine this new concept code. If you're frustrated by the current zoning process, try the PlaceCode and let us know what you think. We'll be working on the open-source version over the course of 2018, and will keep the PlaceCode community posted with updates as we go.